LIVE WEBINAR – New EU Regulation 2023/1230

AI, IoT & Cybersecurity – The Impact of the New EU Regulation 2023/1230 on Machinery Design

The rise of new digital technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Robotics, poses new challenges in terms of product and machine safety. During our webinar, we have discussed how to identify risks arising from new digital technologies that will revolutionise control systems.

The evolution of the machine industry has led to the increasing use of digital media, and software is playing an increasingly important role in machine design. Thus, to take the increasing use of software into account, software that performs a safety function and is independently placed on the market must be considered a safety component. The participants to our webinar have gained a better understanding of how to develop, test, verify and validate it, considering the latest functional safety standards.

The New Machinery EU Regulation 2023/1230 will replace from January 2027, the current DM Directive on Machinery 2006/42/EC. It defines the mandatory essential H&S requirements that manufacturers must met for their machinery to be placed on the EU market, along with how to achieve conformity against these requisites. So, the Machinery Regulation’s ultimate scope is to allow machinery to enter the market, while guaranteeing final users’ H&S protection.

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