Iron and Steel

The Iron and Steel industry is essential to a nation’s industrial economic infrastructure.

The mere consumption of steel per capita is a clear indicator of industrialization and progress levels in a country.

In the dynamic and demanding world of iron and steel industries, ensuring safety, compliance, and efficiency is paramount.

Xefra stands as your trusted partner, offering a comprehensive suite of testing, product certification, and industrial services tailored to the specific needs of this industry.

Expertise Across Diverse Iron and Steel Sectors

Xefra has a long history and strong competence in National and International Standards, Rules, Technical Specifications and Directives applicable to the Iron and Steel Market whether it is a matter of safety of machinery, process or operational and management procedures.

We thrive in a spectrum of services tailored to this industry, from Conformity Assessment, and Safety Assessment, Product Testing and Certification to Technical Training Services.

Our proficiency extends to crucial areas like Ironmaking, Steelmaking, and Cokemaking, focusing on heat treatment furnaces, coke oven batteries and machinery, quenching and gas treatment.

Our approach is based on meticulous attention to process safety, operational efficiency, and management procedures, ensuring the highest safety standards for machinery and processes.


Partner for Iron and Steel Industry Solutions

Xefra is committed to empowering the companies active in the Iron and Steel industry with cutting-edge solutions and services.

Our dedication to quality, safety, and innovation positions us as a trusted partner in this vital sector. As the industry evolves, we continue to expand our capabilities, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of technological and service excellence of the Iron and Steel Market.