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Functional Safety

Product Functional Safety Assessment Body

XEFRACERT is a Product Functional Safety Assessment Body and adheres to the rigorous standards set by the IEC 61508 and other Functional Safety Standards.

These standards outline the requirements that suppliers must follow during product development to ensure their offerings exhibit robustness against both random hardware failures and systematic design flaws.

XEFRACERT assesses and certifies that products have been meticulously designed and developed in alignment with the IEC 61508 and related Functional Safety standards.

functional safety

Benefits of XEFRACERT Certification:

  1. Third-Party Validation: Manufacturers benefit from third-party validation, as an XEFRACERT attestation declares to a device’s high-quality design and manufacturing
  2. Reduced Field Failures: XEFRACERT certification leads to fewer field failures, enhancing product reliability
  3. Market Recognition: Certificate holders gain market recognition, positioning their offerings as trusted choices for end users

Experience in Functional Safety Standards for different sectors

XEFRACERT has experience in functional safety standards and is the top choice for:


Integrating Intelligence in Safety-Critical Systems

In the realm of modern complex systems, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are increasingly being incorporated into non-safety critical applications

However, the introduction of ML technologies into safety-critical systems presents distinct challenges, mirroring those encountered in any sophisticated system—spanning from requirements and architectural design to detailed design, as well as integration, validation, and operation.

Tailored ML Solutions for Complex Challenges

ML stands out for its capacity to address intricate challenges that defy straightforward definition. Its versatility extends from general-purpose applications, such as conversational bots, to specialized tasks like sensor fusion for obstacle detection

Anticipating a surge in the adoption of ML for safety applications across various industries, XEFRACERT is at the forefront of this transformative wave.

Guidance for Safe and Reliable ML Deployment

At XEFRACERT, we collaborate with our clients to determine the optimal timing and methodology for implementing ML models, ensuring safety, reliability, and dependability

Our objective is to minimize the risks associated with ML implementations by establishing practical requirements and processes.

Pioneering ML Initiatives

Our engagement spans multiple sectors, including (semi-)autonomous vehicles, machinery, robotics, and the process industry

We partner with global leaders to forge cutting-edge compliance strategies, engineering solutions, advisory services, and certifications—all centered around secure ML implementations.

Comprehensive ML Services Spectrum

Leveraging both current and emerging best practices, alongside evolving ML and AI standards, XEFRACERT harnesses top-tier engineering acumen to offer an extensive array of services

These range from data set and architecture advisory to full certification and compliance assessment in line with both existing and forthcoming standards.

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