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EU Notified Body

Xefracert is your competent partner when it comes to test and certify equipment, components and protective systems which are to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

As EU Notified Body #2772, Xefracert evaluates the conformity of your product to the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, being authorised by the National Governments’ Authority and notified to the European Commission for the Certification of Products to be used in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Our Notified Body is authorized to perform the certification process with reference to the procedures of conformity assessment, described in the enclosures III, IV, V, VI, VII and IX of ATEX Directive.

Xefracert is furthermore authorized to conduct the Storage of the Technical Documentation in accordance to art. 13 b of the Directive.

The financial support of Notified Body Xefracert is done by its own means and from the jobs performed in the areas where it operates on a voluntary basis and/or in presence of Accreditation-Notification-Recognition.



Our experienced, trained inspectors can carry out installation and testing for or within Potentially Explosive Atmospheres.

We check at first that each piece of equipment to be installed within the Potentially Hazardous Area is:

  • Supplied correctly as per equipment specifications
  • Installed using suitably specified accessories
  • Installed to meet any specific conditions of use

Xefracert Technicians ensure installation is:

  • Installed to High Standard of workmanship
  • Tested, documented and verified

The Steps are:

  • Initial Detailed Inspection for Explosive Atmospheres
  • Periodic Inspection for Explosive Atmospheres


Product in the scope of the Directive are the following:

Electrical equipment and components
Non electrical equipment and components
Protective systems
Safety controlling and monitoring devices

Xefracert is notified for EU type of examination, Quality assurance notification and CoC.


XEFRACERT makes qualified personnel available to its customers, particularly active in the Oil & Gas and explosive atmospheres sector. 

XEFRACERT can carry out inspection activities on Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Area with a team of qualified inspectors:

–           IEC 60079-14 Electrical installations design, selection and erection

–           IEC 60079-17 Electrical installations inspection and maintenance

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