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EMC Testing


XEFRA provides comprehensive EMC testing services, ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for a wide range of electronic equipment. Our services are designed to meet rigorous EMC standards and certifications, providing reliable and efficient solutions for your EMC compliance needs.

Our EMC Testing Services

emc testing
emc testing
emc testing

All electromagnetic compatibility testing is conducted in an EMC laboratory, under controlled conditions with standardised environmental conditions. Tests are usually performed in semi-anechoic chamber.

  • Pre compliance test and Assessment: we offer detailed pre-compliance testing to identify potential EMC issues early in the development process, facilitating smoother and more cost-effective compliance solutions.
  • Compliance tests in Semi-Anechoic Chamber: comprehensive testing of your product’s electromagnetic emissions and immunity in controlled semi-anechoic chamber.
  • Compliance tests on field: we also conduct on-site EMC compliance tests, providing flexibility and real-world testing environments for your equipment.

Emission Testing DC – 3 GHz

  • Radiated Emission: We measure radiated emissions at 3m within our semi-anechoic chamber with the following dimension 6 x 4 x 7 meters, perfectly equipped for conducting comprehensive radiated emission tests across a spectrum of DC to 3 GHz according to CISPR 32, CISPR 11, CISPR-2-3, CISPR 25, CISPR 12, EN 50121-3-1
  • Conducted Emission: This includes testing from power supply sources, single phase three phase LISN 64, rail of 1 to 3 meters cable slide bar for disturbing power to ensure conducted immunity as per global EMC regulations CISPR 32, CISPR 11, CISPR 16-2-1

Immunity Testing 10 kHz to 3 GHz

  • Radiated Immunity: Our tests cover 27 MHz to 3 GHz in our semi-anechoic chamber, ensuring your equipment’s resilience against electromagnetic disturbances according to EN 61000-4-3
  • Conducted Immunity: We perform rigorous testing for inducted field strength (10Veff from 150kHz to 230MHz), in line with the latest EMC standards and regulatory requirements according to EN 61000-4-6
  • Magnetic Immunity: We apply the magnetic field immersion method (30A/m 50/60Hz) to ascertain your equipment’s immunity to magnetic field disturbances according to EN 61000-4-8 and EN 61000-4-9
  • Fast transient burst according to EN 61000-4-4, surge according to EN 61000-4-5, electrostatic discharge according to EN 61000-4-2
  • Flicker (voltage fluctuations) and voltage dips according to EN 61000-4-11, EN 61000-4-29, EN 61000-4-34
  • Automotive transient test simulation according to ISO 7637 series

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