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Vibration Testing

XEFRA’s Vibration Testing Lab

Our Lab is specialized in vibration testing for materials, components, assemblies, prototypes, and series devices across various industries. We support our clients in sectors such as energy, railway technology, automotive, aerospace, shipping, and medical, ensuring that your equipment meets the highest reliability standards.

vibration testing

Why Choose XEFRA Vibration Testing Methods

Vibration testing process is crucial for verifying the mechanical strength of machinery, components, or equipment under various stress levels. By reproducing a certain type of stress, considered of max impact on the item to be tested, we assess the durability and performance of your item in its intended operational environment. The environment where this item would mostly be utilised it is relevant also to this particular test.

Our experts utilise advanced vibration testing methods, ensuring adherence to industry-specific standards and will indicate the appropriate technical testing standard to be applied for a specific device.

3-Axis Vibration Testing

We offer detailed 3-axis vibration testing, including:

  • EN 60068-2-6 for sinusoidal vibration.
  • EN 60068-2-27 for shock testing.
  • EN 60068-2-64 for vibration and broadband random.

Our vibration testing process not only comply with industry standards but also play a vital role in improving the design and manufacturing of mechanical and electronic systems. Through our rigorous testing, we ensure the reliability and durability of your products, preventing recalls and ensuring safety.

vibration testing
vibration testing

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