Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry is vital to the wellbeing of a country’s economy, as it is essential to other sectors like transportation or manufacturing.

Oil & Gas production goes from finding the resource (upstream) and getting it, continues with its transformation (midstream) and ends with delivering it as a product ready to use (downstream).

oil & gas

Innovations in the Oil & Gas Sector

Xefra, by using its long history and competence in this field, is able to provide innovative solutions to companiesactive on Upstream and in Downstream Markets.

Our global services cover many safety aspects of the Oil & Gas sector, from Conformity and Safety Assessment, to Product Testing, and Training services, and ensuring efficiency and safety through innovative approaches.

Services for Oil & Gas Supply Chain

Our services assist operators active in the Oil & Gas supply chain: exploration, production, engineering, refining – with most appropriate solutions for testing, inspection, certification, quality and technical  training.

Xefra covers a wide range of services in the Oil & Gas industry:

  • Global Services of Testing: Utilizing advanced methodologies, we provide comprehensive testing services that ensure the integrity and performance of Oil & Gas operations.
  • Compliance and Safety Analysis: Our services extend to include ATEX compliance and guidelines adherence, ensuring that all operations meet the stringent safety standards of the Oil & Gas sector.
  • Conformity and Safety Assessment: we provide assessment services to support companies in the Oil&Gas supply chain, in meeting specific Rules and Regulations.

Our focus on safety, efficiency, and innovation positions us as your trusted partner for compliance solutions in the Oil & Gas sector.