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XEFRA Acoustic Laboratory

Performance Testing Solutions at XEFRA’s Acoustic Laboratory

acoustic laboratory testing

At XEFRA’s Acoustic Laboratory, we specialize in comprehensive performance testing solutions for materials, products, and machineries, ensuring reliability in acoustical properties. 

Our expertise in product performance testing covers various domains, including R&D testing, performance qualification tests, and on-site tests:

  • Measuring of physical and acoustical parameters of building sound-insulation and sound-absorbing products.
  • Sound power emitted from products and machineries.

Our Noise Performance Testing Services

1. Sound Power Assessment according to ISO 3744: Understanding the sound power emitted by products and machineries is crucial for performance testing.

2. Sound Insulation Testing: Measuring the acoustical performance of building materials and products to ensure they effectively block sound transmission according performance standards like ISO EN 10140-2 and ISO EN 10140-3.

3. Sound Absorption Testing: Assessing the ability of materials and products to absorb sound and reduce noise levels in various settings according to EN ISO 354.

Our Acoustic Laboratory in detail

Our laboratory is equipped with three reverberation chambers, that allow us to test all types of construction products performance and to measure sound powers of equipment and machineries specially designed to measure very low sound power levels.

Our rooms have openings ranging from 12 m2 and with wide access to the test chambers for tests, according to EN ISO 10140-2, and a room floor for the test according to EN ISO 10140-3.

acoustic laboratory testing

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