Our Brand


A minimalistic design logo is our cornerstone. We have chosen to use clean lines, basic shapes, and a straightforward composition. Nonetheless, our logo exudes sophistication and refinement, avoiding unnecessary details. That is why our pictogram is easily recognisable, even without the wording. It has thus become a unique, elegant icon. 

The strong visual elements are saying something about us as well, with the bold characters, sharp angles, and powerful shapes. All these communicate strength. Having opted for vivid colours, right from the beginning, we wanted and continue to evoke energy, drive, and determination. Our current blue inspires confidence and feelings of loyalty and integrity, features of major importance to us.


After more than 10 years of activity, a rebranding was done in 2024, to refresh our image, and to highlight the evolution process during all this time, to becoming XEFRA Group. 

From the 4 colours mix, we moved to one bright and exclusive colour, maintaining the Xefracert logo, under the umbrella of the Corporate Brand. 

The XEFRA logo consists of a pictogram depicting four ‘check’ symbols arranged at 45° to each other to form an ‘X’, and the logotype is made with an extrabold upper case font.

How it is designed – the pictogram is constructed with the aid of a grid rotated by 45°. The distance between the four elements is reduced by half the thickness of the line of the pictogram. 

RULES OF xefracert brand AWARDING and use

The XEFRACERT brand is exclusively awarded to products, machines, or systems that meet stringent international standards in terms of quality and safety. When you see the Xefra logo, it signifies excellence and compliance.

To obtain the Xefra logo, authorization from XEFRACERT s.r.l. is mandatory. Additionally, the logo must be accompanied by a declaration that summarizes the product’s adherence to the relevant standards. These standards are part of a voluntary certification scheme.

Feel free to download our comprehensive Certification Regulations for further details