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You can consult our training offer on the xefracert.com/Academy page.

Our training offerings are delivered either remotely (digitally) or in person, at our premises or at other locations of our choice.

We would like to remind you of the opportunity to activate the course of interest also in ‘in-house’ modality, at the customer’s premises, with in-person or hybrid (‘in presence’ + ‘on-line’) delivery modalities, to be defined during the course design phase, according to one’s needs.

For the delivery of training in digital format, we use the professional platform GoToWebinar, to ensure a learning experience of maximum effectiveness, and easy to access at the same time.

Training courses can be delivered in synchronous/asynchronous mode (will be indicated during course confirmation), using the GTW platform.  To access, you need:

  • Computer / Tablet with Internet connection
  • Microphone and speakers/headphones
  • Webcam



B.1. Scheduled courses – in person/on-line

Expressions of interest can be sent to: academy@xefracert.com. You can also call us on the known numbers. To reserve your place, please send the completed Registration Form.

For the scheduled courses, the session will be confirmed 10 days before the due date, and registrants will be informed by e-mail. Upon confirmation, payment of the registration fee will be requested.

B.2. Cancellation policy

Catalogue courses are confirmed once the minimum number of participants has been reached, and in any case no later than 10 working days before the date of the course, by e-mail (sent to the address indicated during registration).

Cancellation is only accepted if communicated by e-mail. Please take note of our cancellation policy:

  • From receipt of our course activation confirmation e-mail, up to 5 working days before the scheduled date (excluding the first day of the course), no cancellation fee will be charged.
  • From the 4th working day onwards, cancellation of participation generates payment of the fee in full. Different fee agreements will not be considered.

B.3. Discounts

10% on the registration fee for our customers

Discounts are also available for simultaneous registrations of several participants from the same company to the same course. Please contact us for more information.

B.4. Invoicing of course fees

Fees are exclusive of VAT. With the registration form, the customer is required to provide all necessary information required for the electronic invoice to be issued.

B.5. Methods of payment

For scheduled courses (in person or on-line), payment must be made upon RECEIPT OF INVOICE, by bank transfer. Payment details will be communicated in the course activation confirmation e-mail with invitation for payment.

For pre-recorded courses listed in the “Shop” area, the cost will be paid at the moment of the purchase, via one of the indicated methods: BB or PayPal.

B.6. Registration fees

The course fees per person/course are indicated on the respective course page of any proposed programme.

A fee includes: the course material in digital format and the certificate of attendance/qualification (to be issued and sent only after settlement of the invoice).

For face-to-face courses, a lunch and 2 coffee-breaks/day are provided.

The fee to be paid for pre-recorded courses, on the other hand, includes access to the video and the teaching material in digital format.

B.7. Exclusions

Anything not covered by B.6.



For any enquiries about the proposed courses or topics of your interest that you do not currently find in our training offer, please contact:

Alina Seman – academy@xefracert.com – 392 880 4834