The manufacturing industry is responsible for the production of goods

from raw materials or components, by combining resources like energy, human labour and machinery.

Today, the focus is ever more on the Digital transformation and on achieving Sustainability across the manufacturing processes globally.


Professional Services for Specific Manufacturing Industry Needs

In the dynamic and ever-evolving manufacturing landscape, Xefra provides professional services: product testing and certification, inspections and assessments to safeguard the production of high-quality products and enhance operational efficiency.

Our testing services cover a wide range of capabilities, including electrical, EMC and radio, vibration, acoustics, environmental, software and battery testing.

Our experts meticulously assess your products, machinery and systems against current standards and regulations, ensuring compliance with product safety and reliability, performance and environmental requirements.

Safety, Compliance, and Innovation in Manufacturing

Global Economy continues to expand and to be more competitive involving all engineer competences in the production of equipment, assemblies and plants for the industry.

In addition, IoT and AI represent the new innovative challenge facing traditional manufacturing.

Xefra accompanies customers in their digital transformation process, assuring a rapid market of secure, safe, effective, high performance, compliant products, to:

  • Improve quality: ensure the quality, safety and reliability of your products, machinery, and systems by adhering to stringent quality standards and regulations.
  • Maximize efficiency: maximise productivity and reduce operating costs by optimising production processes.
  • Embrace innovation: leverage our expertise to support companies to stay ahead of their peers and to deliver groundbreaking solutions.