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Electrical Safety Testing

Electrical Safety Testing Services

As an industry player in electrical safety testing services, XEFRA is dedicated to ensuring the safety and compliance of electrical equipment in line with the IEC and CENELEC product standards.  

Our service allows our customers to ensure that their products or machinery meet safety requirements of the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU which ensures that electrical equipment within certain voltage limits provides a high level of protection for European citizens, and benefits fully from the single market.

Electrical tests can be performed in our laboratory or at our customers’ premises.

electrical safety testing

Adhering to IEC and CENELEC for Electrical Safety Standards

Manufacturers/suppliers shall ensure that their products comply with relevant electrical safety standards IEC and CENELEC (EN)

Our commitment extends to conducting rigorous electrical safety tests on various electrical and electronic products to ensure they meet these essential standards. In European market, these standards often also allow our customers to satisfy the requirements for the CE marking of products and machines.

The 2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive covers health and safety risks on electrical equipment operating with an input or output voltage of between 50 and 1000 V for alternating current 75 and 1500 V for direct current. It applies to a wide range of electrical equipment for both consumer and professional usage.

XEFRA’s Testing for Electrical Equipment of Machines and Power Cabinets

  • Electrical Equipment of Machines according to IEC 60204 Series: Testing of electrical equipment of machines to prevent electric shock, fire, and mechanical hazards, ensuring safe operations.
  • Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies according to IEC 61439 series Comprehensive testing of low-voltage switchgear to guarantee safety under various operating conditions.

Performing electrical safety testing

electrical safety testing

XEFRA performs electrical safety testing on a broad variety of product categories according to the relevant standards:

  • Electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use according to IEC 61010-1 (General requirements for safety) and IEC 61010-2-xx (Particular series of standards).
  • IT and AV products according to IEC 60950-1, IEC 62368-1, IEC 62040, IEC 60065.
  • Household appliances according to IEC 60335-1 with relevant part 2 standards: Comprehensive testing of household products appliances to ensure compliance with safety regulations and protect users from potential electrical risks.
  • Electrical controls according to IEC 60730: In-depth testing of automatic electrical controls and regulators to guarantee safety and reliability in various applications.
  • Electrical boxes and enclosures according to IEC 60670 and EN 60529 for a Comprehensive testing of boxes and enclosures to ensure protection against dust, water, and other environmental factors.
  • Medical equipment according to IEC 60601-1-X, IEC 60601-2-X: In-depth testing of medical equipment to meet stringent safety standards and protect patients.

Among the main electrical safety tests performed:

  • Measurement of contact current and current in the protective conductor
  • Measurement of stand-by consumption of electrical appliances for domestic use
  • Measurement of insulation resistance
  • Dielectric strength
  • Measurement of the resistance of the protective conductor
  • Measurement of component temperatures
  • Overload and short circuit testing of components
  • Capacitor discharge time
  • Electrical continuity of the masses
  • Protection checks against access to live parts
  • Abnormal uses (e.g. overfeeding, underfeeding)
  • Faults on electronic circuits
  • Security software analysis
  • Construction, mechanical resistance and distances of circuits, insulation, components
  • Battery Testing

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