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software testing

We are a Software Testing Accredited Laboratory that provides cost efficient software testing for safety and security critical projects. Our specialisation in software testing services addresses to vital sectors such as automation, automotive, and railway, ensuring the highest standards of safety and security.Our commitment to excellence in software testing services involves an integration with your engineering team (development/testing). Our dedicated and extremely customer-faced Account Manager ensures your satisfaction and handles escalations.

Why Is Software Quality Testing Important?

The evolution of the machine industry has resulted in the increasing use of digital means, and software is playing an increasingly important role in machine design. As a result, the definition of machine has been adapted. 

In addition, the definition of safety components will cover not only physical devices but also digital ones. To consider the increasing use of it as such, software that performs a safety function and is independently placed on the market must be considered a safety component.

Companies must be aware about how to develop, test, verify and validate it.

Our expertise in the certification of application software is critical, ensuring compliance with the latest functional safety standards.

software testing


XEFRA is the first Italian Laboratory accredited ISO IEC 17025 by ACCREDIA for the Railway Sector – EN 50128:2011/AC:2014 & IEC 62279:2015.

Railway applications – Communication, signalling and processing systems – Software for railway control and protection systems

Key areas include:

#4 Objectives, conformance and software safety integrity levels – Evaluating software to ensure it meets the required safety integrity levels.
#5 Software management and organization – Evaluating software to ensure it meets the required safety integrity levels.
#6 Software Assurance – Ensuring comprehensive coverage and quality throughout the software development lifecycle.

Testing with release of accredited Test Report can be provided according to three different approaches:

  • Testing Lab – We perform testing in our Laboratory by using proprietary and qualified tools and benches
  • Testing Customer Premises – We perform testing at Customer Premises by integrating customer HW and Tools where necessary
  • Witness Testing – We witness our Customer Testing

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