The future on safety is
in the digital revolution.
Assess your systems!
Choose certainty.
improve safety.
We test your product
in our laboratory
to demostrate compliance
to all world markets.
Put safety on
mobility market.

Testing - Inspection - Assessment - Certification


Xefra and Xefracert accompanies their clients to be compliant with Ex regulations offering services of testing and certification of equipment and protective systems. We provide also Ex inspection services, independent assessment and process safety testing (dust and gas explosion test).


Our mission is to reduce our clients’ risks by helping them to meet the challenges of machinery and plant safety. We can support you with our services in many international markets through our assessment and testing services.

Functional Safety SIL

Our Functional Safety services ensure that safety risks due to hazards caused by the malfunctional behaviour of systems are reduced to an acceptable level. We can support operators during verification, validation, software testing and assurance, independent assessment, RAMS in all industries domains.

Product Testing

Xefra’s laboratories offer a multitude of testing environments available in our site (mechanical, environmental, physical and chemical, electrical, electromagnetic, hydraulic, acoustic, explosion, fire etc.). Our services are rapidly evolving and often customized on the needs of our customers.


Accreditation Certificate

Testing Laboratory Department
XEFRA SRL - UNI CEI EN 17025:2018

Accreditation Certificate

Certification and Inspection Department

Notification of a Body in the framework of a technical harmonization directive

Legislation : 2014/34/EU
Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (recast)