The future on safety is in the digital revolution. Assess your systems!
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in our laboratory,
to demostrate compliance
to all world markets.
Put safety on
mobility market.


Our solutions and services cover a broad spectrum of industries and we ensure that products meet stringent reference standards. Our expertise in testing, product certification and industrial services ensures that each customer effectively meets global compliance standards and meets their specific needs.
Our testing and certification services help our clients to reduce risk, improve their performance and correctly address the QHSE and SR challenges, on a daily basis. XEFRA has a long history in providing safety conformity services to manufacturers, integrators and end-users of product, machinery and process.
We are present as specialists for testing and certification services in: Safety, Security, Functional Testing and Risk Assessment and we support businesses to accelerate their growth and accompany them into the vast world of technical standards and regulations, thanks to our Xefra Taylor Made Services.

XEFRA specialises in testing services that ensure quality, safety and compliance across a wide variety of product categories, according to reference standards through extensive laboratory or onsite testing.

In addition, we ensure a flexible service and delivery in a timely manner.

XEFRACERT is an accredited body, recognised by ACCREDIA, specialised in product certification.

Our task is conformity assessment of products according to EU directives, on behalf of the economical operators, in a competent, transparent, independent manner. Our competence extends to being a Notified Body for the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

In today’s dynamic and demanding landscape of industrial operations, ensuring the reliability, safety and efficiency of machinery, assemblies, equipment, and systems is paramount.

Our Industrial Services offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, including Testing, Inspections, and Assessments on Machinery, Assemblies and Equipment, designed to optimize performance, safety and minimize downtime.

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XEFRA puts safety in Mobility, Industrial Automation, Process safety and Product safety. Through our independence and deep knowledge of technology and regulatory domain, we aim to give our contribute to the protection of critical systems.


XEFRA Technical Academy is our way to develop and provide innovative learning initiatives to industrial businesses and their staff. Delivering quality training programs it has become an essential process capability for great organizations, as the most important resource for a business, it still is its human capital and consequentely their skills and capabilities.


XEFRA is able to provide services and solutions to guarantee the accomplishment of Safety and Technical requirements defined in National and International Standards, Rules, Technical Specifications.
Our mission is to reduce risks and optimise performances across the entire spectrum of industries through our Testing, Product Certification and Training services.


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