XEFRACERT is a testing laboratory for the safety certification of electrical and electronic equipment addressed to the European and extra-European market.

XEFRACERT is a TESTING Laboratory Accredited ISO 17025 by ACCREDIA, Accreditation N. 1595, for ATEX Certification. Download the complete list of accredited tests.

The Laboratory performs electrical, mechanical and environmental testing according to international standards.
XEFRACert is the ideal partner for who wants to take the new opportunities in the international markets with the guarantee of safe, reliable and certified products.
We are an Accredited laboratory with formal recognition of the leading certification and notified bodies operating worldwide for the certification of electrical and electronic equipment.
We perform tests for the certification and pre-compliance testing.

We operate in the following areas:

  • Environmental and mechanical tests
    • IP/IK Degree of Protection
    • Resistance to environmental stress
    • Vibrations
    • Ultraviolet
  • Tests for CE marking and international certifications
  • Electrical tests
    • Electrical safety tests in accordance with IEC and CENELEC
    • EMC tests
  • Software verification and validation
    • Static analysis
    • Dynamic analysis – UNIT TEST
    • Integration test
    • Usability testing
  • Materials testing
    • Non-destructive testing
    • Flammability testing of materials
    • Dust and gas mixture explosion classifications
  • acoustic and vibration evaluation
      • Noise measurements in laboratory
      • Building Acoustics
      • Sound pressure level at operator position
      • Equivalent Sound Level
  • instruments calibration LAT / ILAC
      • Calibration tools for electrical and mechanical instruments with calibration certificate LAT or ILAC