XEFRA srl was established in Genoa by long-time experienced Engineers who gained their know-how inside of International Certification Bodies and Service Companies related to Testing, Inspections, Products’ Assessments, Machinery and Technical Installations.

Highly specialized in the entire industrial field, its’ services are mainly focused to the following specific areas::

  • Industrial Automation;
  • Oil & Gas and Power Generating;
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical;
  • Transport and Mobility;
  • Industrial Products’ Manufacturers;
  • Mining and Quarrying Industries.

The headquarters are based in Genoa and the Testing Laboratory is in Piacenza, strategically positioned midway between the Centre and Northern Italy. The Laboratory is ACCREDIA Certified ISO 17025 (n. 1595) and inside the ILAC MRA Circuit.

XEFRA is also an Aifos official Training Centre (Italian Trainers’ and Health & Safety Security Professionals) and organizes Training Courses pursuant to “D. Lgs. n. 81/08 and subsequent amendments and additions” and to “State-Regions’ Agreements”.
Our mission is focused to the Health & Safety training off all Workers and to theirs Employers so that the quality, capacities and responsibilities can reach high standards.

Certificato AiFOS Xefra srl
Certificato di accreditamento Xefra srl

XEFRACERT Srl is an Accredia Certification Body for the Products Conformity Assessments’ Activity pursuit the European Directives.

Our Institutional role is to Assess the compliance of the product to the EU Directives, on behalf of the economical operators, competently, transparently, neutrally and independently.

Our mission is to guarantee, with technical competence, professional integrity, independently, high reliability and organizing capacity, the full respect of the current European Legislation for Notified Bodies .

XEFRACERT srl is Notified Body nr. 2722 for Atex Directive 2014/34/UE of the European Parliament and of the Council, 26th February 2014, concerning the harmonisation of legislation of State Members with reference to Equipment and Protective Systems intended to be used in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Xefracert srl
Headquarter: via Brodolini 12 – 29010, Pontenure (PC) Italy
Email: xefracert@xefracert.com
Tel. 0523 172514
VAT nr.: IT11377210015

How We Operate

With method and rigour, particularly cautious to Companies’ specificities and in compliance with the International Standards, with the help of the know-how and the experience gained throughout the years.


Our reference market is the Industrial field, particularly referred to the following areas:
Oil & Gas e Power Generating
Transports (Rail, Maritime, Automotive)
Industrial Automation
Medical Industry Automation
Chemical and Pharmaceutical


Our vision: sustainable innovation with a special attention to quality and safety and respectful of the new generations.

Our mission: life, environment and property preservation creating reliability and safety.

Our values: quality, integrity and continuous innovation