XEFRACERT supports the manufacturers in the evaluation of the safety requirements applicable to the product, machinery and assessment, to allow their free movement on the European Community.

The manufacturer is required to make risk analysis of products in order to create the “construction technical file“.

For CE Marking, products have to be accompanied by instructions for use and warnings that meet the essential requirements for proper installation, use and maintenance in a safe condition.

CE Marking: Xefracert wants to assist the customer in:

  • Research of requirements applicable to products
  • risk assessment
  • Writing of the technical file
  • drafting of instructions for use
  • instrumental tests


  • Preliminary check of the product
  • Analysis of applicable standards to the product
  • project approval
  • Structural modeling and FEM analysis of structures and components
  • Functional Safety for the partly completed machinery, machinery, plants and / or their units
  • Analysis and certification of the safety components (Article 2, letter c)
  • Supervision
  • Delivery of the certificate
Marcatura CE - Come ottenerla - Xefra srl